The Artwork of One Jim Dewey + Musings of a Country Squirrel in Tinsel Town

As an editor for Play Magazine for two years, Jim Dewey wrote about all sorts of things– movies, anime, manga, books, television, and even did the occasional interview, like Greg the Bunny or Brendon Small and Loren Bouchard, creators of TV’s Home Movies. Now, in addition to working in television production, he’s doing his own reviews and other such nonsense on this page, but always ready to give the skinny on things he knows about, straight up and uncensored– “the man” isn’t in control here. Having lived in the sticks outside of Chicago, New York City, New Jersey (for all of three weeks) and now Los Angeles, there isn’t much ground in the U.S. of A. he hasn’t set foot on. He has a Bachelor’s in Animation and Film, as well as Fiction Writing of all things. And he’s available for hire.

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